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Club Lawns

Our Club is much admired for its wide open lawns and all around greenery. It has many lawns, both large & small to cater for parties of varying strengthes.

Ashok Club has Total Six Lawns

1. Jaigarh Lawn. This is the biggest lawn of all and has a capacity of accommodating approximayely 2000 members.

2. Cavalry Lawn. Also called NE lawn, can accomodate approximately 600 members.

3. Back Lawn. Back Lawn has a very soothing ambience and can accomodate approximately 200 members.

4. Fountain Lawn. Fountain Lawn can accomodate approximately 50-70 members and it is an ideal place for small private parties.

5. Members Lawn. Also known as Circular Lawn, it can accomodate approximately 80-100 members.

6. Transformer Lawn. It is located in the SW corner of the club near the gate opposite High Court and is an ideal place to rendezvous for a wedding party formation.