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Rules & Regulations

1. Entitled Persons: Only members, their spouses and unmarried dependant children below 25 years of age are entitled to use the facilities of Ashok Club. All other family members/friends, accompanying the members may be entertained as guests subject to maximum permissible limit of six.

2. Membership Cards: All members including their spouse and eligible dependants are expected to carry their membership cards while visiting the club and produce the same when requested by staff on duty.

3. Guests: Members, bringing more than six guests at a time are requested to inform the club in advance. Members must enter the required details of their guests in the Guests Register at the time of entry. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests in all & every manner while they are in the club premises.

4. Dependants: Dependants are not allowed to bring in guests. Dependants below 18 years of age are not permitted to enter the Club Bar and consume alcoholic drinks anywhere in the club premises. Children below 12 years of age are not permitted to stay in the club premises beyond 8.30 pm except on Saturdays and Sundays.

5. Affiliated Club Members: Members of affiliated clubs will be allowed to visit and avail the facilities of this club maximum for five days in a month. They are not permitted to bring in their guests unless prior permission has been obtained. They will settle their dues before leaving the club.

6. Dress Code: Members are requested to be decently attired while in the club. Shorts/tight skirts, gowns/kaftans, T-shirts without collars, rubber slippers/chappals etc. are not permitted to be worn in the member's area. Sports persons are requested to change into proper attire before entering the Club House.

7. Closing Time: The club closes every night at 12 pm. Members are requested to ensure that they finish their drinks, snacks and dinner by 11.30 pm. A bell is sounded at 11 pm to warn all present about the club closing time. .

8. Consumption of Liquor: As per existing Excise Rules, members are not permitted to consume liquor in the club, brought from outside. However, in parties organized in Jaigarh Lawn and Cavalry Lawn, they can bring and consume their own liquor after obtaining valid Occasional License from the Excise Department and NOC from the club.

9. Dinner and Party orders: Members can place order for dinner upto six persons latest by 9 pm, however for bigger number orders should be placed by 5 pm (Sunday to Friday). On Saturdays, Club Dinner will be held for which, advance order will be accepted upto 5 pm on the same day.

10. Silent Zone: Our club falls in the silent zone as notified by the Government Authorities. Therefore use of loud speakers, DJ and playing of loud music in the club premises is not allowed round the clock.

11. Smoking: Smoking in the enclosed spaces of the club is not permitted. Also members are requested not to spew pan masala, gutka, chewing tobacco etc in the club premises.

12. Maids/ Servants: Maids & servants are not permitted in the Club House. In case they are required to be brought for any reason, they should be restricted to the parking area only.

13. Pets: Members are requested not to bring in any pets.

14. Weapons: Public display of weapons or firearms is prohibited in the club premises.